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With the ongoing collaboration with Fluid Finance, we have another event heading our way. An AMA with CMO Jessica Walker and Chief Growth Officer Torab Arya of Fluid Finance taking place in our Discord on 8th August, in our Discord!

Along with this AMA, we’re also giving out incentives to reward enthusiasts and knowledge seekers!

  • $10 in DUSD for everyone who submitted a question via forms (Limited to best 10)
  • $10 in DUSD for every participant in the live AMA (Limited to first 50)
  • $20 in DUSD for everyone who asks a valid question during live AMA (Limited to first 5)

AMA Info

Date & Time: 8th August 2022, 9pm UTC+8 / 3pm CET

Venue: Tokenlon Discord

Pre-submit your questions here:

See you guys there!



Thank you for participating in the Tokenlon Limit Order Launch

Dear user,

We launched the zero-fee limit order function on Arbitrum earlier this month. To celebrate this launch, we hosted a 10,000 LON giveaway to the first 200 users who successfully completed a $500 limit order on Tokenlon

Missed out on our campaign? Check out our new feature and place your limit order for free on Tokenlon:

Winner List

We are happy to announce that we have selected the winners for this campaign! Congrats to all the winners and please find the full winner’s list here

Please note that rewards will be distributed on the Arbitrum network within 7 working days

Have a question? Please reach out to us on Discord

We have more campaigns coming up this quarter, so please follow us on Twitter for more updates!



Tokenlon DEX

Tokenlon DEX

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