On Feb 26th morning, Tokenlon team received a message from 0x @willwarren89 as follows: The well-known white-hat hacker @Samczsun found that Tokenlon 4.0 has a security vulnerability. This vulnerability has a high-risk level, which will not only affect the security of the transaction fee deposited on the platform, but also…

Dear Tokenlon community,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of LON buyback, staking and trade mining! LON is the key to promoting the positive feedback loop of the Tokenlon ecosystem. …

Tokenlon now aggregates SushiSwap liquidity 🍣 + 🐉 = ❤️

You might have noticed that Tokenlon is no ordinary decentralized exchange anymore. (Was it ever?) No, since the latest update in December, Tokenlon now aggregates liquidity from 3 sources: Professional market makers, Uniswap, Curve.

🍣 Today we introduce SushiSwap as the fourth liquidity source to the family.

To you, the…

Tokenlon DEX

Open your imToken wallet and explore the built-in Tokenlon non-custodial exchange 🐲🐉 Based on Ethereum and the 0x protocol

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