Tokenlon Weekly (2021.12.17–12.24)

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3 min readDec 25, 2021


Merry Christmas & A happy new year from Tokenlon!

Dear user,

The Tokenlon team would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This has been a year of ups and downs for us and the Crypto community at large, as we witnessed much volatility. Read our recap of this week as we enter the final week of the year.

Marketing & Community

Preparation for LON 1 year anniversary celebration

  • We are working on giving our community a recap of this year’s progress
  • To kick off the new year, we will be doing an AMA to answer all your questions regarding Tokenlon

MakerDAO campaign

  • Thank you to all participants of the MakerDAO campaign! The campaign has ended and we will announce the winner soon

According to the results of TIP 26, we have made the following changes to the buyback mechanism

  • Buyback period changed from 1 day to 3 days
  • Slippage tolerance is limited to 3%
  • Maximum buyback amount is capped at $100,000
  • Make buyback based on transaction fees at any point in time

Planning is being done for the next quarter

Product & Tech

Tokenlon SDK is ready for launch

  • With the launch of Tokenlon’s SDK, we can push out Tokenlon’s liquidity to more platforms and increase traffic volume
  • More updates will be shared on this

For users who use imToken to access Tokenlon, these are some changes following the release of imToken v2.9.9

  • Real-time update of your asset value before making a trade
  • Easier to reach out to our customer success team
  • Optimisation of Gas Price Buffer to ensure a high transaction success rate

Integration of UniswapV3 volume into Tokenlon

Showing PMM quotes onto the web app to give you more competitive rates


Trading volume for DEXs dropped by 15% over the past 7 days. Fortunately, Tokenlon’s trading volume increased by 1.59% from last week.

If prices of main tokens such as ETH and BTC continue to trade sideways, this may lower the trading intent of our users and lead to a drop in trading volume.

We are currently working to make more trading pairs available for you on Tokenlon

Following the transition to a protocol owned liquidity, previous liquidity providers have moved to stake their LON tokens. Stake your LON tokens to earn an APY of 69.06%!

Work for next week

  • LON 1 year anniversary
  • Recap of the year 2021
  • Community campaigns and giveaways!
  • MakerDAO results announcement and reward distribution
  • Coordination with Unstoppable Domain to bring you a campaign next year
  • Tokenlon Team retrospective of this quarter

If you run into any questions or have any suggestions on Tokenlon, you are welcome to join our Discord group and chat with us.

Important Risk Warning

Tokenlon Team,


Contact us


Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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