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3 min readMar 8, 2024

This week, Bitcoin reached a peak of $69,000, currently priced at $67,023.33, with a 7-day increase of 9.3%. Ethereum is currently priced at $3,900, with a 7-day increase of 15.7%. In addition to the rise of mainstream tokens, this week’s highlights include meme tokens like PEPE and Doge, as well as the Layer2 sector driven by OP with the arrival of the Cancun upgrade. Additionally, AI tokens such as AGIX and FET also saw growth.

DeFi Market

Note: Data as of 2024.3.8 09:30 +UTC

Total TVL: $98.40b, of which Ethereum chain TVL is 55.26b.

For Ethereum Layer 2, the total locked value is $37.53 billion, a 7-day increase of 14.31%.

  • The Arbitrum One network’s total locked value is $15.78 billion, a 7-day increase of 14.50%
  • The Optimism network’s total locked value is $8.96 billion, a 7-day increase of 13.60%

DEX Market

The DEX market last week has a total transaction of $39b, accounting for 49.7% of the total Ethereum network transactions.

Tokenlon & LON Weekly Statistics


  • Tokenlon’s trading volume this week was $128,198,244.59, with 1,316 transaction addresses and 3,143 transactions. The revenue was $320,460.53 and the net profit from fees was $278,386.64 with the current fee balance being $695,515.29.


  • The LON staking contract has a staked amount of 72,736,963.50 LON, with an annualized staking yield (monthly) of 28.78%. The LON liquidity pool (Uniswap+Sushiswap) has a locked LON amount of 7,044,373. A total of 262,010.39 LON was bought back last week.

Tokenlon Development Highlights

Tokenlon 6.0

  • This week, Tokenlon’s new generation protocol 6.0 officially met with the community users. Now everyone can experience it directly through the Tokenlon official website, and we also had an in-depth discussion with the community users.

Tron Bridge Service Adjustment

  • Due to business adjustments, the Tokenlon self-operated cross-chain bridge is offline, and third-party tools are being integrated.

Market Makers

  • Communications are being conducted for various tasks based on Tokenlon’s different business operations.

New Asset Research

  • Research is being conducted on recently issued assets in the market, and preparations are underway for the upcoming listing.

Important Risk Warning

  • LON token contract address:
  • LON is Tokenlon’s native token, where holders will enjoy fee discounts and voting rights
  • Beware of fake Tokenlon imitations, the official website is:
  • Please do not download any app or DApp from non-official Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, or Wechat



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